Up Coming Events

Event dates are subject to change

To be determined - Jog-a-thon


5th - Tim Dennis's Birthday

9th - Angela Barclift's Birthday

11th-14th - SAT Testing

15th - 18th - Easter Break

16th - April Hernandez's Birthday

25th - Pastor Steve Kihlthau's Birthday

29th - Kelly Lopez's Birthday


4th - Debbie Woolverton's Birthday

23rd - School Picnic

23rd-25th - Minimum Days - 12:30pm Dismissal

25th - 10am - Awards Ceremony

          7pm - Graduation 

June & July

June 28th-July 4th - Fireworks Fundraiser (More info to follow)

Jun 30th - Celina Aguliera's Birthday

July 11th-16th - Jr & Teen camp at Wolf Mountain

July 19th - Reahna Ruamar's Birthday


7th - Linda Kihlthau's Birthday

8th - Back2School 

9th - School Begins